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Are You an Apple TV User? Learn How to Download Apps

Posted on October 13, 2017  in Technology

If you have recently purchased the Apple TV, you must be looking for the resources to learn how to use it. The amazing feature that almost available in Apple is that you can download and play apps. In this article, I will show you how to download and play apps on Apple TV. Read on!

Applications are interesting programs that everyone wants it in their smartphones. Apps are of different form like for entertainment purpose and some apps are necessary to run your smartphone. Those Apps are letting you enjoy it to its full potential. Here are few things that you should know about before downloading and installing Apple TV Apps.

What should I need to install Apple Apps?

First of all, make sure that your Apple TV is the fourth generation or above. Before downloading apps on the app store you should have an Apple ID for that. In most cases, you need a credit card to buy your desired apps.

Finding Your Desired Apps

This is the most first and easy step. Just go to the home and launch the app store. Now there are four different ways to find the app that you need. Now you are on the featured apps section. The screen shows you all the featured apps followed by the recently released apps. This amazing collection includes those apps that the apple store has selected for promotion along with those apps that have maximum download. 

How to Select and Download the Apps

The best way to select an app on the online store is to look at their different matrices. First of all what you have to is to go the top charts section at the top right of the screen. It shows you all the apps that have most downloads, most sold or have been most viewed. This category helps you find your desired app. There are different categories that you can select from, for example, games, news, technology, and education. You can directly type the app name in the search box to reach the app that you are looking for. You can also download application and software from getintopccom for free.

Installing Apps the on Apple TV

After successfully downloading the app now it’s time to install it on your smartphone. Here are the few important steps that you should follow during installing the application.

    First of all highlight the app.

    Click on the touchpad to view the details of the app.

    It will show you the “Install” button if the app is available for free download, otherwise paid application will show you the price.

    Click on the install button and begin installation

    It will need your Apple ID and password. Enter the info using the on-screen keyboard.

    Wait for a few seconds until the installation complete.

    Click on the open button and you will see the app that you’ve been installed.

    Now the app is ready for use.

    You can access and launch the app through Apple TV’s home screen.