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Importance of Online games

Posted on May 30, 2018  in Gaming


Online games are used as a major form of entertainment these days. These are trending among the children. While in earlier times, children preferred playing outside in the field, there has now been a shift towards the online gaming culture.  Games which are played over the internet are called online games. Here are the more information

What does an online game involve?

Online games consist of controlling/moving a person or an object to achieve the intent of the game. For example, in shooting games, the player is expected to control the gun at right positions to shoot the enemies. While simpler games such as these form a part of ‘mini’ games, the larger games involve interacting with other players over the internet based on a virtual world or story. An online game can be played on gaming consoles, personal computers, laptops, mobile devices, tablets and other hand-held devices, etc.

Importance of online gaming

There are innumerable games available over the internet these days, with that the following are the points highlighting the importance of online gaming:

    Recreation

Gaming has been around for ages now and is still considered as a form of recreation or past time. Today’s online game requires more than just pressing fingers on the console but require close attention.


    Improve the hand-eye coordination

Since the player’s fingers are on the console controller, and eyes on the screen with continuously changing the visuals, the player has to coordinate the brain’s reaction to changing stimulus.


    Decision Making

With changing levels and difficulty stages, children get used to making decisions quickly. And that changes in real-life too.


    Reduces Stress

Few games often reduce stress. Games keep them utilized and helps them in keeping their mind-off people’s problems.


    Problem Solving Capability

Using the limited resources available in the game, clearing up the level involves logical thinking and better problem-solving capability. Continuous gaming in built that trait in the human behind.


    Gender/Cultural Diversity Increased

While interacting with people all over the world, sitting in different countries, not only helps the players unite on an international front but also helps them get culturally known to the other countries.


While online gaming helps fight loneliness, it is imperative one has a moderate usage and is not completely addicted to them. One must ensure taking into the account the maturity level and age of the children, the safety setting and sensor settings for the gaming device, setting a gaming time limit and observing the types of the website they are visiting for online gaming.

To conclude, online gaming is only harmful if you allow them to be, especially when it becomes an addiction and one ends up creating problems in his or her work life, internal relationships, etc. Just like a coin has two sides, playing computer games have their own advantages and disadvantages. Online games in addition to being entertaining, help in a lot of ways but only and if only played in a controlled environment which does not promote negative consequences.