Introduction to Linux Mint

History linux mint is a terribly recent operating system. Its extension started in 2006. However, it is built from terribly ready and proven numbers, including the linux core, gnu tools and the gnome desktop. It is also based on the ubuntu and debian projects, and uses their systems as a basis. The linux mint project focuses on making your desktop more usable and efficient for everyday tasks performed by regular home users. Apart from the environment, the operating system also provides you with a very solid base, a large selection of software and a particularly well-integrated set of services.

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Linux mint has seen its renown grow rapidly, and now many people use it every day. The first version of linux mint was released in August 2006 under the code name “ada”. This version was based on the kubuntu distribution. In December 2006, three months later, luckily the version 2.0 called “beard”, this version will be the first one based on ubuntu, which uses the gnome 2 administrative framework. The next major change occurred in June 2007 when version 4, called “daryna”, was spilled. Indeed, the distribution adopts the same output as that of ubuntu, i.e. a re-issue every six months.




Previously, the releases of the versions were uneven and no longer than three months. From December 2008 and the release of version 6 called “felicia”, linux mint is totally based on the latest version of ubuntu. In 2010, linux mint creates another version of its distribution called “linux mint debian edition”. It is located on the debian distribution and not ubuntu (which is in-self based on debian). It is a version by version, less mainstream oriented.

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